Short conversation between Xenia Nikolskaya and Rodrigo Brun about her book "Dust" and forthcoming exhibition in Tintera gallery in Cairo,
June 2020

Dear friends, My book project is almost finished! Livonia Print got the file and printing is scheduled! If everything goes according to plan "The House My Grandfather Built" will arrive in Sweden on 16 of July. Due to Corona I cant use my PayPal account unfortunately, if you like to support me and pre order collector's copy of the book, please get in touch and I can give you Swedish, Egyptian or Russian account number of your choice! Take care and stay safe!

“to be kept forever”
(Beyond the DUST)
An ongoing film project by Xenia Nikolskaya and Michael Mitchell
Video: Xenia Nikolskaya & Dana Smillie
Editing: Arseni Borisov
Music: Me and My Blonde

The House My Grandfather Built - New book is coming next year! Design by Amparo Baquerizas @a.baq

Book dummy got to the final of V DOCfield Dummy Award Fundacion Banc Sabadell  in November 2018!

Наше многолетняя дружба с замечательным Кириллом Кобриным вылилась в прекрасное сотрудничество в виде моей обложки для его новой книги «На руинах нового» которая выходит в печать этой осенью в издательстве Лимбаха! Как говориться спрашивайте во всех книжных магазинах России! Our longtime friendship with Kirill Kobrin came out in the form of my cover for his new book 📖! Sorry the book is only in Russian, will be released this fall. 

Dear Friends! Exhibition at  Inner Voice Gallery  in Saint Petersburg will  be open till September 15th!

Exhibition at Inner Voice Gallery in Saint Petersburg 

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